All sessions are carried out at either Anytime Fitness in Swindon Old Town, Lee Paines private studio in North Swindon, or at your home.

Before we start, a 30 minute consultation will get us both into the same place and determine if we are working with any injuries and/or limitations.


Single Session

This gets you a one off session, want to learn some new things or check up on your technique, this could be for you.

Price - £40



You can then buy packages to support your progress as follows:

Price £140 - Four Sessions
Price £200 - Six Sessions
Price £300 - Ten Sessions

If you want to book more than ten, then further discounts can be applied.

When you buy a package, this is where you start to get into your training regime, you will get a programme designed to help you progress along with the tailored 1:1 training sessions that compliment that programme. 

You will be asked to keep a food diary for the first week (assuming you want nutrition support of course) in order to ascertain what your day to day consumption is like.  For most people, just the act of keeping a food diary is enough to kick start a healthier eating regime, as I have said already, we all know what we are supposed to be eating for a healthier lifestyle.

Want to train as a pair, no problem, want to train twice a week (or more) again, that’s no problem.

Its worth noting, your support doesn’t end when the session ends, I am available for you to provide advice and guidance as and when you need it, this isn’t a fire and forget relationship.


Monthly Programme and Training

Want something different but can’t commit to a weekly routing, then this could be fore you.

You get one 90 minute session per month, a new programme and a consultation to discuss how the previous months training went.

Price - £50 per month


Monthly Programme Support

Don’t need any actual training, but do need regular programme and guidance, then this will be for you. We will engage weekly to discuss your progress and each month I will provide you with a brand new programme to work on.

Price - £30 per month

This is supported by an App, which is free to use for any of my clients.  In the App, we record programs and measure your progress.


How to Book

It could not be easier, simply click the link below and drop me an email to get started.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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